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Our Story

Yedidya decided to study Engineering in Tel Chai College in Israel. He received his certification in 2014 to be an Engineer & Project Manager. This certification enables Yedidya to build residential structures up to 4 stories. Yedidya is also able to draw up engineering plans for these residential structures. Coupled with his years of experience in building different types of residential structures here in Israel and abroad made learning the Rammed Earth technique of building the next logical step. Because of his intense interest with Environmental Building techniques, he moved with his wife and family to California. There he joined a company out of Napa Valley that taught him the Rammed Earth style of building. The most economical and environmentally friendly way of constructing anything from a fireplace to a beautiful home.

His brother Yaar went on to manage many types of projects from construction to outdoor concerts. He took care of logistics and Budget Management. Besides all this Yar is a qualified builder.

They can build anywhere in the world. The United States, Europe, Greece and Israel.

You will be with an unbeatable team that worked together since they were kids. Revadim Construction will be with you from start to finish guiding you in this building process. Yedidya & Yaar will make you part of their team in saving the environment and to stop the effects of climate change. Imagine if all the homes were built with Rammed Earth.

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