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Rammed Earth FAQ

Does Rammed Earth Last?

The answer is yes. Rammed Earth does last. Just look at the Great Wall of China it has been around for 2,000 years. There are many areas in which this type of construction was used. For example the Alhambra in Southern Spain is largely built using Rammed Earth. There are many examples all over Europe. Some structures are 7 stories tall.

How energy efficient is rammed earth?

Because Rammed Earth walls are so thick no air conditioning or heating is needed. So, during the day the house is absorbing the heat of the sun. As the heat being absorbed it enters the house at night keeping it warm. While at night the cold is being absorbed in the outer walls and is being transferred to the interior of the house. Thereby making the house cooler during the day. Think of how much energy is being saved through this process.

What about rain?

This all depends upon how much rain fall there is in your area. There are 2 things that can be done to protect your Rammed Earth structure. The first a good roof covering which will protect the exterior walls. The second is a waterproof finish on the exterior walls like paint, plaster and rendered. This should solve any problem that may arise.

What does rammed earth cost?

Just think of the materials used in building a Rammed earth home. You are using earth from the area where you live with a little cement. So the actual cost of materials is a lot less. The labor is less too. Remember we are building 3 meter walls in a day. Whereas conventional construction we are talking about wood, sheet rock and paint. So you tell me which is more costly.

Why rammed earth?

Earth building has the lowest amount of embodied energy of any masonry material. Cement production accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions in the world! So finding other more environmental and sustainable ways of meeting ever increasing demand for roofs over our heads 

vital. Earth can carry large loads, but cannot make sky scrapers, so keep cement for sky scrapers and earth for other housing, schools, clinic or business uses.

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